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At this point in life, steroids seem to have two major functions, making people strong and then messing up their lives, big time. This article will take you through how steroids manage to accomplish both of these functions from large muscles to shrunken testicles, this is what you can expect to happen if you choose to have steroids in your body.

When people talk about steroids and sport in the same sentence, you can almost understand what they are about but this medicine has become quite broad it is almost meaningless. Steroids are three carbon molecules linked together in a set of four rings and a good example of a steroid even though not a very strong one is Bile acid.


Corticosteroids are more influential in the body even though they are still unglamorous. These are hormones used to treat inflammation and the nastier steroids work just the same. When the body sustains injury or damage in form of infections, the body gets the inflammation response. There are chemicals known as transcription factors and they activate certain genes producing protein that cause the blood vessels to dilate, fluid pours in the area, which is swelling, and the whole place heats up, which is fever. Corticosteroids are the hormones that suppress all these genes binding the receptor sites in cells and turning the transcription process off.

Anabolic steroids can be said to work in a similar way and just like corticosteroids, you can apply them topically or inject them in. They are also hormones that regulate the response of the body to injuries or damages. Unlike corticosteroids that turn off the transcription, they bind to receptors and turn them up. When the muscles are damaged after a hard workout, that damage becomes a sign to rebuild as well as improve. At this point, cells give more protein that helps the muscles grow bigger and stronger. This will happen to all people but there are other hormones that speed up the natural response.



One of these hormones is the testosterone and it normally starts as an androstenedione, which is a hormone made in the adrenal glands. The conversion happens in both women as well as men but the men have a larger supply, which is why they have more muscle than women do. When a muscle is damaged, this hormone increases protein production so the muscles get bigger and additionally to that, they heal faster. The best legal cutting stack would be to use a steroid such asĀ Stanozolol or Anavar.

If you have faster healing muscles, it means that you will not have to wait long to heal and you will b working out more and this will in turn mean that you will have more testosterone in your system and you will be able to put more muscle in a very short time.


This is the human growth hormone and it works just the same with testosterone. It gives the body more hormones, more muscle as well as more healing. This one has another benefit of being quite hard to detect. The lab-manufactured human growth hormone has one molecular weight unlike he natural hormone.

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