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The adopted understanding of drug is that it culminates in physical discomfort, social alienation and overall interdependence of the patient (Sieber, 2007). There are serious consequences of indulging in drug abuse. There are also implications come with drug addiction when one decides to quit, which is a condition commonly known as the withdrawal symptoms. According to the following are some of the options for drug treatments.
The approach that has been adopted by the yoga nursing intervention for drug management has endeavored to address the physical, social and general dependence of the patient. Studies have established that yoga aid in the alleviation of drug while addressing the management of drug. Simply put, yoga enables the patient realizes improved patient welfare. When tested in a variety of setting, the yoga therapy has proven to be quite effective.


Treatment with hot / cold

Using Hot and cold approaches has been around for a long time and was anciently used as an anti numb. It is used on addict patients to relieve the urge to commit to a certain behavior. It helps promote blood circulation and healing. Cold treatments (also known as cryotherapy) include the use of the cold compress on the body to reduce inflammation and reduce swelling.
Chamomile Tea alternative drug treatment
Chamomile Tea is often called sop sop. It is often found in the juice in grocery and health food stores. In the laboratory, Chamomile Tea is used as a drug treatment in both the living entities and experimental organisms.
Long, spiky comes from a tree Chamomile Tea, a shrub native of Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. But the requirements for the anti-drug properties drew the most attention. Research shows the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 1997, the Corossol compounds was tested on breast drug cells and proved to be more effective than chemotherapy in destroying the cells. But since there are no clinical trials, there is no evidence to support the statement.
Nutrition work-drug drugs and anti-drug phytochemicals be validated in Chamomile Tea reduction. The issue of the medical journal on June 2011, contains a study of Chamomile Tea and breast drug. In this study, researchers in Virginia Tech showed that Chamomile Tea extracts (juice) can reduce the growth of skin drug for patients with breast drug, human, not damaging healthy breast tissue.
The research team at the Institute of Drug biochemistry and molecular biology in the study of the University of Nebraska Medical Center in test drug Chamomile Tea Chamomile Tea, which inhibited the growth of cells was performed on pancreatic drug.
A study conducted in Virginia in June 2011, shows published edition of nutrition and drug that Chamomile Tea in acidic juice can successfully curb growth of breast drug cells in patients without affecting healthy cells repress. Furthermore, the Chamomile Tea extract also showed that tumor growth was significantly reduced. Chamomile Tea Drug Research, was also held at the Drug Center Memorial Sloan-Kettering, where several additional health benefits were found in Chamomile Tea . They include strong anti-viral properties.


Chamomile Tea Drug Treatment: How effective is it?
As already mentioned, there are various products that are effective in combating drug. Consumption as part of a normal diet reduces the risk of certain drugs, and may even help to treat various tumor growth. The link between drug and Chamomile Tea cannot be denied, and how the research against drug fighting properties preferred Chamomile Tea tree further.
Researchers who tested Chamomile Tea recommended this drug therapy against other types of drug, including colorectal drug, lung drug, gastric, and others. At the same time, including Chamomile Tea to their regular diet can only help to improve their health, because it provides a variety of additional health benefits in addition to reducing the risk of developing drug.
Chamomile Tea can be enjoyed as a juice or extract. It can also find and purchase specialized farms in dietary supplements.