Understanding Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry is an offshoot of traditional dentistry which focuses more on the appearance of teeth, more than simple functionality. It’s becoming increasing popular both in the UK and overseas as more people look to get that Hollywood smile many of us dream of.

It incorporates a range of treatments, from simple procedures like teeth whitening to slightly more expensive and complex treatments like dental implants and orthodontics.

Teeth whitening is probably the best-known cosmetic dental procedure, and pretty much does exactly what the name says. Teeth are whitened, typically using a gel, which removes any stains and gradual lightens teeth until the patient has a bright, white smile. This is generally a fairly inexpensive procedure that is popular amongst patients.

teeth whitening gel

In the not too distant past, if you were missing teeth the only option was to get some form of dentures. Now, missing teeth can be replaced by using a dental implant, which is essentially an artificial replacement acts much like a natural tooth. A small screw is fixed to your jawbone and denture of either single tooth or a bridge with multiple teeth is screwed in. This provides a fully functional replacement tooth which works and feels just like the original.

Porcelain veneers are another common cosmetic dental procedure which involves placing a thin porcelain cover over an existing tooth to provide an improvement in colour, shape or appearance. This method is extremely effective for those who don’t have the best natural teeth but want to see a significant improvement in their smile.


Orthodontics are an area which has improved substantially over the last decade. While traditional braces were often clumsy and uncomfortable, new advancements in technology can make it difficult to tell if the patient is wearing braces at all. Treatments like Invisalign are almost undetectable and really help with the self-confidence of the patient.


Some cosmetic dental procedures can be quite expensive, however many patients find this well worth the cost for the difference it makes to the conference and the ability to enjoy things like food. Most cosmetic dentists’ offer a free initial consultation give you an idea of what treatments they think you would benefit from, and should be able to give you a rough idea of how much it will cost.

Most treatments will require multiple visits, and depending on the type of treatment they may be a few days or a few weeks apart. For example, with dental implants takes time for the implant to fuse with the bone so it’s often a number of weeks before you can return for your second visit. There may also be some initial work required to prepare for your main treatment, such as removing broken or rotten teeth and other basic dental work.

Overall it’s an interesting market and one that looks to continue growing over the coming years as people look to improve their physical appearance.